+ How does the custom art process work?

  • You place an order for the particular kind of artwork you would like (likeness, wall mural, etc).
  • During the checkout process, you will need supply additional information, depending on the type of artwork chosen (for example, photographs of the person or animal to be drawn, dimensions of the wall mural).
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order.
  • Kenneth may request additional information by email (and the work cannot begin until this information has been obtained, so please ensure you use an email address that you check regularly).
  • In approximately 2-3 weeks, Kenneth will provide a low resolution version of the illustration for you to provide feedback.
  • Once feedback is received, Kenneth will revise the illustration.
  • Within 1 week, Kenneth with provide a link to your completed artwork, which you download in digital format.
  • During checkout, you can upgrade to a priority service to have your artwork within 2-3 weeks total (note: this timeframe is dependent on you providing feedback in a timely manner). If you have a specific date requirement, please contact Kenneth prior to ordering to confirm a delivery date.
  • Files are supplied in high, print-quality resolution with a standard 2mm bleed and can then be taken to your printer of choice. See here for a list of recommended printers in your area.
  • You are also supplied a web-appropriate file size for sharing online.
  • Please note that all artwork is for non-commercial purposes only, and Kenneth retains the rights to use the artwork in his portfolio and on a commercial basis.

+ What is the difference between a portrait, a caricature, and a likeness illustration? Which do you do?

This is a one line answer to the question above.

+ How many times do I get to give feedback on a custom illustration?

Once. This is the best of both worlds. Prices are kept low but you still have the opportunity to give input into the creative design. Additional reviews are available at a cost of $30-$50 per review, depending on the changes required and the artwork size.

+ What are your turnaround times for custom art?

It depends on the size and the detail of the art, and how quickly you provide feedback during the process, but the standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. Priority service (2-3 weeks) is available for an additional fee (subject to availability). Should you require your art by a specific date, please contact Kenneth before ordering to confirm the proposed delivery date.

+ Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. (Note: custom art is supplied as a digital file for you to take to a printer.)

+ What are your shipping fees?

For print products, the shipping fees are set by the printing company and depend on the item ordered and your location. Please see here for further information. Custom art requires no shipping as you are provided with a link to download your products. Therefore, no shipping fee applies.

+ What are your payment options?

PayPal payments and all credit cards are accepted (through PayPal - no signup required).

+ Can I pay by cash/cheque/bank transfer (or other option)?

Unfortunately, payment can only be made via credit card or PayPal.

+ Who owns the artwork commissioned on this site?

  • Kenneth Erickson retains all copyright to all images used on this site.
  • Kenneth Erickson retains the right to use all artwork in his portfolio and on a commercial basis.
  • All artwork is sold for non-commercial (private and domestic) purposes only (i.e. not for resale, you cannot use the artwork to make money, for example, in advertising, on t-shirts that you sell, in a Zazzle or Red Bubble store, in a comic or children’s book intended to be sold, etc.).
  • The one exception to this is business logos - these are created specifically for your business and can be used in any manner you chose.
  • All artwork (except business logos) will come signed by the artist Kenneth Erickson.

+ What information do you require before work begins on my custom illustrations?


+ What is your privacy policy?

See here.